The Ritom Funicular on one hand is a means of transportation that takes you to the beautiful Alpine Lakes region of the Val Piora, while on the other hand, it’s a stunning attraction in its own right!

Thanks to the Funicular’s maximum incline of 87.8%, which is ranked as one of the steepest funiculars in the world, you can enjoy and relish the dazzling and irresistible view of the entire valley floor, the Upper Leventina and the luxurious mountains above it.

The trip that covers a total duration of 12 minutes can only be seen as an unmissable, unforgettable and out of the world experience that should be scheduled in one’s itinerary at least once in a lifetime. But wait!


This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!



The Ritom Funicular railway was built in 1917 to transport human resources and raw- materials during the construction of the dam and the hydroelectric plant of the SBB. However, in 1921, it was opened to the public and has since remained a landmark and attracted tourists from around the globe.

The maximum incline of 87.8% makes it one of the steepest funiculars in the world open to the public. On a course of 1,369 meters, it overcomes a difference in the height of 786 meters, quickly reaching the upper station in Piora at an altitude of 1793 meters above sea level. The transportation capacity is 100 people per hour each way. 

A trip on the Ritom Funicular is a memorable and remarkable experience and is the starting point of a series of enchanting hiking and mountain biking trails.

Due to its regional importance, in 2011, the Ritom Funicular found its way into the “Swiss Inventory of Cableway Installations”, which lists the most important technical installations and the Swiss territories heritage.

Technical data

Plant No.61.403
Valley station, Piotta1’010.50 ms.m.
Mountain station, Piora1’796 ms.m.
Difference785.50 m
Length1’369.3 m
Maximum slope87.8% / 41.3°
Average slope71% / 35.4°
pulleys111 pieces
Return cable pylons21 pieces
Side steps4’261
Rope length2’820 m
Rope diameter33 mm
Rope weight per meter3.74 kg
Total weight rope10’546.8 kg
TractionWard Leonard System
Diameter2’600 mm
Empty vehicle weight6’420 kg
Useful load4’000 kg
Total weight10’420 kg
Capacity (adults)50 + 1 persons
Hourly capacity (round trip)150 people per hour
Cruise speed2.7 m/s
Duration12.03 min



In 2003, the Municipality of Quinto, to prevent the closure of the plant decided to directly manage the Ritom-Piotta Funicular. Since then, the plant has been managed and administered by the company Ritom SA Funicular whose shareholders are:

The company is registered in the commercial register of the Canton Ticino.