Carì, a village in the Leventina valley, is located at an altitude of 1655 meters and is a hamlet of the municipality of Faido.
Thanks to its position on the sunny side of the Valley, Carì is a holiday and tourist resort well recognized, even outside the Swiss national borders.

Carì is mainly known for its ski lifts, which allow winter sports lovers to take advantage of more than 20km of sunny slopes and the popular Snow Park.

However, Carì also offers a wide range of activities during the summer and has become a favorite destination for many enthusiasts of mountain biking, paragliding, walking, hiking and trekking.

Regarding the excursions, we recommend the following routes:

  • Carì – Prodör hut – Brusada (Path of the mountaineer)
  • Carì – Prodör hut – Tic Cattaneo – Brusada
  • Carì – Vignone Alp – Gana Rossa Refuge – Carì Brusada Lake
  • Brusada – Lake of Carì

For mountain bike enthusiasts, the most popular routes are:

  • Carì – Brusada
  • Carì – Chièra Alp

From Faido, Carì can be easily reached either by bus (B119) or by car. You can find a large free parking lot, near the departure of the chairlift.

For further information, please consult the “Estate in Leventina 2024” brochure or the Carì website.