Val Cadlimo path, Lake Ritom didactic path, Föisc path, Three Lakes path. We’ve got you covered and can cater to all your tastes and preferences.

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Depending on your level of preparation, physical abilities, and skill level, you can choose the path that best suits you.


For our more highly experienced and skilled walkers, there are a variety of routes and destinations to choose from.

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A REGA Emergency Radio channel can be hired at the Funicular departure station

mountain biker


Discover our special routes for Mountain Bikers: Route 65 Gottardo Bike, Andermatt – Ritom Lake, Ritom Lake – Olivone, Olivone – Biasca.

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Out of respect for nature and to protect the environment, the Didactic Path of Lake Ritom cannot be visited by bicycle.


With its many Alpine lakes, Val Piora is a popular destination for fishermen.

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To go fishing, you need to obtain a valid fishing license. You can either purchase it directly from our office or at the Chancelleries of the Ticino Municipalities.

Ritom Experience

Didactic trail

This path with the help of explanatory panels, allows you to familiarize and better know the particularities of the area.

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Guides are available at the funicular station that allows you to discover and deepen the characteristics of the region.

Alpine Biology Center

This center was inaugurated in 1993 and represents the centerpiece of scientific research in the Ritom-Piora region.

Did you know?

Cadagno Lake, in the heart of Val Piora, is home to numerous researchers from all over the world.

Alpine Biology Center