This paradise of innumerable Alpine lakes in the Ritom-Piora region makes the area very attractive to fishermen.

In the lakes of Val Piora you can find different types of fish including:

  • The Rainbow trout,
  • The Brown trout,
  • The Brown trout,
  • The Brook trout,
  • The Arctic char

Fishing at Alpine lakes is permitted from June 2nd (June 15th with a tourist license) until October 6th.

To go fishing, you need to obtain a valid fishing license.

You can request this license either at:

  • the departure station of the Funicular
  • the Chancelleries of the Ticino Municipalities (Chancellery of the Municipality of Quinto; Ph: 091 873 80 00)
  • the Airolo Tourist Office (in the SBB Station building; Ph: 091 869 15 33)