The Ritom-Piora region offers various possibilities for mountain bikers. Here are some route options for your next trip:

Route 65 “Gottardo Bike”, Airolo-Olivone stage
(44km, 1200m)
From Airolo, you are offered a nice climb on a paved road towards the dam of Lake Ritom and through the entire Val Piora until you reach the Passo dell’Uomo, from where the descent to Olivone begins.
Andermatt – Ritom Lake
(45km, 1560m)
From Andermatt, you reach the San Gottardo pass (2091m) and then enter the Canton of Ticino. You can then descend towards Airolo, passing through the Val Canaria. From Airolo, follow the “Strada Alta” route to reach Altanca, from where you can go up to the Ritom Lake.
Ritom Lake – Olivone
(30km, 500m)
Passing the Ritom Lake and the Cadagno Lake, you reach the Uomo Pass. En route, you can admire the fantastic panorama of the Piora Valley. Then, along the Termine Valley, you reach the Lucomagno Pass from where you descend towards Olivone through the Santa Maria Valley.
Olivone – Biasca
(26km, 220m)
This trip almost entirely runs downhill through the Blenio Valley, also called the Sun Valley, renowned for its Romanesque churches. The most famous among them are in Malvaglia, Torre, Aquilla and Olivone. The excursion ends in Biasca, where you can quickly reach the Maggiore Lake by public transport.

Out of respect for nature, you are not allowed to ride your bicycle through the Ritom Lake didactic trail.

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