The Val Piora territory presents a remarkable variety of botanical, faunistic and geological elements. Thus, this area has become a popular destination for scholars and researchers who are attracted by the natural peculiarities of our region.

Lake Cadagno, in the heart of the Val Piora, is in fact a destination for numerous researchers from all over the world.

centro biologia

In 1994, the Alpine Biology Center of Piora was officially inaugurated by the Federal Councilor, Ruth Dreifuss. The structure is open to universities, polytechnic institutions, middle and high schools, and represents the Center of Scientific Research in the Ritom-Piora region. It is attended by a large number of researchers, both students and those who have already graduated.

In addition to university courses, the center is also open to high schools and a wider audience. It is also suitable for conducting seminars, workshops and conferences with scientific and educational content related to institutions and universities.


Meromixis is a rare natural phenomenon present in the Cadagno Lake and very few other lakes on the planet. The lake waters preset an unusual permanent stratification due to a natural condition called “Cryogenic Meromixis”; where the two overlapping layers of water never mix. The upper part of the lake is rich in oxygen, therefore ideal for aquatic life. While the lower part – free of oxygen – is only populated by a few micro- organisms. Between the two layers, red sulfur bacteria develop, which prevents both the parts of the water from mixing.

Alpine Biology Center

The CBA was obtained from restored ancient farm buildings preserving their original state.

Guided visits to the Alpine Biology Center are possible on request.

For further information, please contact the guardian, Mr. Samuele Roman (WhatsApp: +41 79 824.11.10, email: guardianocba(at) or the President of the Foundation, Prof. Dr. Raffaele Peduzzi (+41 079 201 96 42, raffaele.peduzzi(at)