Once you reach the top station of the Funicular, Val Piora reveals itself in all its glory to the hiker, as a unique and captivating spectacle, thanks to the wonderful landscape and its numerous Alpine lakes.

Located at a height of 1800-2000 meters above sea level and more than 8 km in length, the Val Piora is the ideal setting for enchanting excursions on foot or by mountain bike.


Didactic Trail Lake Ritom
(11km, 485m, 3h)
Three Lakes trail – Ritom, Tom, Cadagno
( 12km, 780m, 4h30)
Val Cadlimo Trail
( 25km, 1200m, 8h)
Föisc Trail
( 5km, 434m, 2h30)

New brochure

In 2023, Ritom Funicular, in collaboration with Airolo Cableways, Tremorgio Cableway, Carì Chairlift and Pianaselva Cableways, published a brochure to promote the Alta Leventina as a destination to spend extended stays immersed outdoors in the nature.

Browse the new 2023 brochure to read all the important information about our region, the trails, the refreshment points and the possible side activities.

The brochure is also provided free of charge at the departure point of the Ritom, Airolo, Tremorgio, Carì and Pianaselva Cableways, as well as at the tourist offices and in various tourist destinations in Switzerland and Northern Italy.