The Ritom-Piora region offers a dense network of footpaths and hiking trails for a multitude of excursions and trekking tours. In addition to the hikes that have been mentioned on the brochure, we also suggest the mountain hikes.

Airolo – Ritom Lake
(16.8km, 2h30)
Airolo (1150m) – Madrano (1200m) – Brugnasco (1380m) – Altanca (1390m) – Valle (1647m) – Ritom Lake (1850m)
Three Lakes trail – Ritom, Tom, Cadagno
(12km, 3h30)
Ritom Lake (1850m) – Tom Lake (2022m) – Cadagno Lake (1921m)
Piora – Lucomagno
(13.8km, 3h45)
Piora (1850m) – Uomo Pass (2218m) – Lucomagno Pass (1914m)
Piora – Rodi
(13.3km, 4h10)
Piora (1850m) – Forca Pass (2115m) – Lurengo (1330m) – Rodi (940m)
Piora – Acquacalda
(17km, 4h45)
Piora (1850m) – Sole Pass (2376m) – Acquacalda (1758m)

Those who are a little more confident and skilled can also choose excursions that pose a more significant challenge to physical endurance. The Ritom region offers countless possibilities and opportunities that are within your reach.

Airolo – Cadlimo Hut
(12.5km, 5h15)
Airolo (1150m) – Madrano (1200m) – Alpe di Lago (2010m) – Cadlimo Hut (2570m)
Lago Ritom – St. Gotthard Pass
(16.8km, 6h)
Ritom Lake (1850m) – Bocchetta di Föisc (2122m) – Buco di Ce (1680m) – Bolla (1700m) – Buco di Pontino (1986m) – Cassina della Bolla (2200m) – St. Gotthard Pass (2100m)
Alpine lakes
(18km, 8h)
Ritom Lake (1850m) – Cadagno Lake (1921m) – di Dentro Lake (2298m) – Miniera Lakes (2525m) – Isra Lake (2322m) – Cadlimo Hut (2570m) – Scuro Lake (2451m) – Taneda Lakes (2248m) – Tom Lake(2022m) – Ritom Lake (1850m)

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