The Val Piora territory has a remarkable variety of botanical, faunistic and geological elements. The Lake Ritom didactic trail enables you to better know and understand the nature, flora and fauna, the landscape, and the traces of humans around the splendid setting of Lake Ritom.

Once you travel the 10.7 km in approximately 4 hours, you will reach the Cadagno area, where in addition to the lake with the same name, you can spot the Alpe di Piora and the Center for Alpine Biology.

The didactic trail of Lake Ritom is an ecological excursion with a series of graphic panels that give “biological-cultural” ideas and present the particularities of the area.

Thanks to a small guide that you can purchase for CHF 2.00 at the Funicular departure station, you can discover and deepen the region’s characteristics. This guide is available in the languages Italian, German, English and French.