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  • La forza idrica Val Piora-Piotta

    La forza idrica Val Piora-Piotta

    22 Jul 2011 - publications

    Sandro Peduzzi
    edizioni Atlante idrologico della Svizzera, Berna, 2011

    CHF 10.00

    This volume is a part of the collection:

    Traveling through the world of water
    Hydrological excursions in Switzerland
    Ticino region

    This interesting publication offers an excursion to discover the water power in Val Piora. This guide provides historical and scientific ideas, the exploitation of the waters, and the geology of the Ritom region. The publication contains schemes, graphs, historical images, and bibliographical references and is particularly suitable for schools and all those interested in the history of the dam and in the water as a source of energy.

    The guide is only available in Italian and German.